The Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX) works toward a vision of every community in Louisiana made extraordinary through planning excellence. We provide best-practice planning models, innovative policy ideas, and technical assistance to individual communities that wish to create and enact master plans dealing with transportation and infrastructure needs, equitable housing opportunities, environmental issues, and quality design for the built environment. CPEX brings community members and leaders together and provides guidance as they work toward a shared vision for future growth and development.
How We Work CPEX helps create highly functional, equitable communities throughout Louisiana that capitalize on their unique qualities through community-driven planning and implementation. Read More» How We Work
History CPEX’s commitment to innovation and collaboration is reflected in its unique organizational history. Read More» History
Awards CPEX has received many awards over the years in fields such as planning, communications and outreach and landscape architecture. These honors are reflective of hard work and a commitment to having a lasting positive impact. Read More» Awards
Staff CPEX staffers hail from across Louisiana, including Abbeville, Hammond, Lake Charles, Shreveport, New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette. Read More» Staff
Board of Directors The CPEX board is comprised of a formidable set of passionate community leaders with extensive backgrounds in planning, law, legislation, economic development, entrepreneurship, crime prevention, philanthropy and much more. Read More» Board of Directors